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Contracting Abroad – The Legal Basics

Contracting Abroad – The Legal Basics

Contracting Abroad – The Legal Basics

If you are thinking of taking on a contract abroad, there are a few legal requirements you should consider before you begin. Regardless of whether you will be working remotely from the UK or in the country the contract is based, you must ensure you complete some legal checks before you sign on the dotted line.


Know the facts

The law that applies to the contract is determined by the parties included in that contract. If no choice is made, usually the law applied is the country in which the work is done. However, even if the law applied to the contract is that of the UK, it will still be subject to any local statutory rights and obligations. There can be some consistency between these in the EU, though.


Seek advice

As mentioned above, whether you are working remotely or in another jurisdiction, it’s imperative to seek out local advice on any regional regulations that could apply to your services. You might find that there is a legal requirement in the jurisdiction you’ll be working for that isn’t a requirement for the same service in the UK.

Check the contract

You should read the contract thoroughly and check that it clearly states the law that applies to the payment for your services and the location of where a dispute might be heard. This will cover you in the event that a dispute should arise about payment and ensure the party is also aware of their legal requirements.


Consider other liabilities

You must look into any immigration or taxation laws when contracting outside the UK. These may differ from country to country, so don’t assume they will be the same.


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