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How to write a great CV

How to write a great CV

How to write a great CV

If you’re heading into the workforce, then it’s important to get your CV just right. There are a few things to consider before you begin, so follow through our guide to ensure you write a great CV and get noticed.

To the point

A good quality CV should ideally consist of a maximum of 2 pages – recruiters will often lose interest by the end of the second page, so there is no point for a third.


Sell yourself in the first paragraph, it’s an informative way of including your skillset and the quality of your experience. An effective summary for the opening of your CV will often be the decision point of whether the recruiter will want to hire you or not.

Suit your position

Tailoring your previous roles and employment include the aspects that are relevant to the company and the position you are applying for, will allow you to look like the much stronger candidate.

Personal data and hobbies

Including personal information like your marital status can often be pointless and take up vital space. The same applies to hobbies – only include the important ones that will enhance your application, or those which have led you to gaining exceptional achievements.


Taking a professional approach and applying a clear, well laid-out CV, instantly signifies a lot about you as a candidate. Include a summary with a career overview, your skillset, any qualifications and finish off with your employment history. Don’t forget to avoid the clichés that every employer will have seen 101 times, and definitely leave out the rate that you require –make them want you first, then have that discussion.


It’s much better to be completely honest than sell yourself as something you’re not. This applies to all aspects of your CV, from your qualifications to your skillset and even any foreign languages you speak. Being clear on your fluency is vital considering there are increasing numbers of opportunities overseas. Keep your CV clear, honest and engaging.

Cyber CV

Keeping things digital is the way forward – a top tip is to email your CV to a recruitment agency like Cyberteam who will ensure it gets shown to the right employers.

If you’re looking to seek advice with a recruitment agency then Cyberteam will be able to guide you through each step of your employment, including what employers like to see on a CV.

Email us at info@cyberteam.co.uk or call us at our offices in London (+44(0)207 849 3082) or Leeds (+44 (0)113 398 4070).

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