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2018 Trends In Data Warehousing

2018 Trends In Data Warehousing

2018 Trends In Data Warehousing

Technology is ever expanding; data continues to grow at an increased rate every single day. A new year brings new trends, old trends and plenty of developments for the year ahead. To set the scene for the next 11 months, I’ll be looking at the up and coming trends of data warehousing.


ELT over ETL – ELT (Extract, Load and Transform) has moved forward and is quickly becoming the customary choice in big data systems. The latest structure allows the users to input their transformations in the code of choice and thus display the number of views. The flexibility of being able to make a quick code change on the view is a huge advantage compared to making significant changes to your whole transformation process. The traditional Extract, Transform, Load method can be costly for businesses, require lots of labour and is difficult to process, which is why the move to ELT is going to take off on an even bigger scale this year. ELT works best when the target is a high-end data engine such as a Hadoop cluster or cloud installation as it requires a powerful system as the object for analysis.


Striim – This real time integration and streaming software platform is quickly becoming a popular tool in data warehousing and analytics. It works by analysing data in-flight while it is still relevant. It’s capabilities in data and information management lead it as a trendsetting product for the year ahead.

Striim is really an all-rounder when it comes to data integration, becoming increasingly popular across a variety of industries. The leading Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer had the support from Striim in modernising their analytics and using the Hadoop environment in order to have the ability to contain up-to-date airplane parts and schema data.


Talend – Another product in the industry that is ready to see a rise in popularity this year is, Talend. With the capability to simplify and automate big data integration with graphical tools, as well as software packages to generate native codes, Talend makes it easy for businesses to access and transform their data, which is why so many companies such as Age UK, Lenovo, Groupon and many others, have been investing in the software integration. Its simple data integrations also make is possible to work with other software, such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark and NoSQL, either for cloud or on-premise solutions.


Hadoop – Hadoop work well for multi-platform data warehouses due to being an affordable option for storage of big data. Its processing power and advanced analytics algorithms mean that it has the ability to strengthen even the weakest elements of data warehousing and connect components like HDFS and SQL. We’re expecting a huge increase in businesses adopting Hadoop software this year, much like Amazon have – getting in there before the rest of us Amazon have used Hadoop as a public cloud; the AWS say they use the software in order to be able to offer big data management services.


SAP HANA – Accelerating your business process, delivering more business intelligence and simplifying your overall IT environment all through an in-memory data platform, this trend will drive through 2018. With being deployable on-premise or in the cloud, SAP HANA is one to watch. SAP HANA was designed with the ability to be able to handle high transaction rates and complex query processing on the same platform, which explains why it is becoming increasingly popular among a variety of industries, from information and technology services to oil & energy.


Social Media – Not all trends for 2018 will be brand new. The analysis of social media data means that organisations will compile profiles on individuals based on their social media activity. We’ll see an increase this year in businesses using social media analysis to target their customers with relevant industry services.

Technology is forever changing and expanding at an increasing rate and as a business, it is vital to adapt and grow with the new trends and tools that come our way.

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