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Which Data Warehouse Should You Be Using?

Which Data Warehouse Should You Be Using?

Which Data Warehouse Should You Be Using?

The past several years have seen a rapid growth in Big Data and real-time processing and analytics. With vast developments in information technology over the past few decades, including the introduction of the cloud and mobiles, data warehousing is still as relevant as ever, providing organisations with the ability to amalgamate data from various sources. More options than ever are now available in data warehousing, with many becoming bigger and faster than ever before. Due to this, many businesses are struggling to decide which vendor to go for, which is why we have put together a brief overview of the three major players in the industry and what they can offer your business.


Amazon Web Services

There’s no denying that Amazon is a big name in data warehousing, especially since they led the way in the movement of data storage to the cloud. They use a whole range of storage tools and assets that work alongside their cloud based platform. One of their most highly rated solutions is Amazon Redshift – a fast and well-managed data warehouse that provides a simple way to analyse data through the use of existing standard SQL and business intelligence tools. The powerful features that come along with Amazon Redshift provide the capability to run queries against unstructured data in Amazon S3, eradicating the need for loading and transformation.



Another household name in the data warehousing industry, Oracle is a state-of-the-art platform used by many businesses down to its enhanced analytics and profitability. Oracle 12c Database is the go-to choice in the industry for its operational efficiency and use of advanced features, such as Flash Storage for low I/O overhead and Hybrid Columnar Compression of data – this permits an elevated level compression of data for reduced I/O, which is particularly useful in analytics.



Teradata are known for their innovative approach to new tools in data warehousing with all the very latest in Hadoop-based technologies. Many organisations use the Teradata DWH for its work on the concept of parallel processing which allows for a much smoother and simpler analysis of data. It also compiles analytics from stacks of structured and unstructured data, delivering real-time insights into business intelligence.

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